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Mr. DiMugno has given speeches on matters relating to the issues covered in the periodicals and books listed above. For more information, see our listing of speeches given by Mr. DiMugno.


California Insurance Law Handbook coverCalifornia Insurance Law Handbook,published by
Thomson Reuters West
Books and Periodicals||||                         
California Insurance Laws Annotated, published by
Thomson Reuters West.

Books and Periodicals||||CAT Claims: Insurance Coverage for Natural Disasters, published by
Thomson Reuters West.


California Insurance Reporter||||Editor-in-Chief, California Insurance Law & Regulation Reporter,
Thomson Reuters, Inc.
California Tort Reporter||||Editor-in-Chief, California Tort Reporter, Thomson Reuters,
Insurance Litigation Reports||||Editor-in-Chief, Insurance Litigation Reporter,
Thomson Reuters, Inc.
Insurance Law Briefings||||Editor-in-Chief, Insurance Law Briefings, Shepard’s-McGraw-Hill,